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Myoo TBS2031
The Myoo is a 40 Ltr Hiking Bag that comes with  Multi compartment variants to suit your Hiking professional requirements. The front bay/compartment/packet has an organiser while multiple external bays provide for extra handy storage. An integrated rain / Dust cover keeps your hiking Bag dry during rains and the Ventex back system has multiple air channels for better sweat management. Usage: Hiking / Touring

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Water resistant
Professional Organiser 
Bar Tack ( Zig Zag) Stitches at 14 vital junctures to ensure tensile reliability.
Soft Handle for ease of lifting
YKK Runners and Zippers(Bays)
Secret pocket for your cash/passport/Valuables (On Ultra)
Integrated Rain/Dust Cover (On Ultra)
Adjustable sternum straps to keep the backpack snug (On Ultra)

Care Usage